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Mission Statement


A common assumption made when one first sees our kennel name, Skyfall Kennels LLC, is that the name originated from the popular James Bond film; however, this actually isn't how our kennel was named.

"Skyfall" is a verb meaning “To make a last stand against a group of people when outnumbered and on your own turf.”


As a breeder, our goal is to protect and preserve the Malinois breed. This grows more and more difficult as the population of irresponsible breeding grows threatening the breed’s health, structure, and integrity as a working dog. We have a tremendous passion to advance and preserve the breed towards a clear goal and fight irresponsible breeding.

We are dedicated to improving the Belgian Malinois breed as a versatile, levelheaded, extreme working dog fit for both sport work and police/military work.

We focus on producing independently thinking, self confident dogs with extreme grit and a more civil touch creating a better balance between prey and defense. Our dogs remain calm and clearheaded while in drive, not spastic and unteachable. We prefer a more neutral dog while in a public setting instead of the social butterfly or an anxious dog with a higher defense threshold.


We take pride in our dogs' extremely confident, pompous-like temperaments, solid nerves, workability, and their desire to bond with their handler and other familiar persons. 

This verb, "Skyfall", can also be applied to our training from pets to sport and working dogs. We strive to set ourselves apart with the upmost care towards producing a quality product as well as maintaining unmatchable customer service.


Meet the Team

Ashleigh Derrickson

Owner and Founder of Skyfall Kennels LLC 

Ashleigh was that girl that could always be found waist deep in the pond making friends with the fish and turtles or up in the trees chasing after a snake or lizard. All her life she has been drawn to animals and felt a relationship with them that removed her from the world's reality. She has always felt a deeper understanding for them over what she could find on the surface of most people. 
Ashleigh was raised in a Christian, homeschool family along with her three brothers, one older and two younger. She was raised to love our Lord and to cherish and remain loyal to family. She was also taught to always work hard for her dreams and to put in 110% without cutting corners. She is currently working towards her business degree after an extensive classical education.

201206_BAP_6535_Ashliegh Derrickson.jpg

Ashleigh also has a background in equestrian sports such as Three Day Eventing, Show Jumping, and Dressage. This passion started when she  lived in Amman, Jordan for a short time and became a working student at a barn named Safi Stables, one of Jordan's only lesson barns. This passion still continues today, and the experience handling and caring for these large animals has advanced her skill in reading and communicating through body language and energy.


After the purchase of her first Belgian Malinois in 2015, Ashleigh fell in love with the sport of IGP (Internationale Gebrauchshund Pruefung), a three phase sport consisting of tracking, obedience, and protection phases. She founded Skyfall Kennels LLC in 2016 starting as a small scale kennel selling young, started dogs in the sport of IGP along with the occasional pet dog training and dog boarding. In February of 2020, she completed Tarheel Canine Training, Inc.'s six month Master Dog Trainer course in order to further her knowledge of police and military canine training. While enrolled, she assisted in all levels of training Special Forces K9s, Dual and Single Purpose K9s, DOD Military K9s, Cadaver Detection K9s, Service Dogs taught to track their person, Tracking K9s, Personal Protection Dogs, and Pet Dogs. She was also able to aid in Tarheel's Police Handler School teaching and setting up scenarios for Law Enforcement K9 handlers and helping with certifications. 


Today, Ashleigh competes in the sports of IGP at a national level, PSA, dock diving, weight pull, fast cat, and has trained her personal dogs in bed bug detection with hopes to begin offering bed bug detection services soon. Within her business, she offers sport dog training/titling, pet dog board and trains, pet boarding, sport and police dog sales, and small scale breeding directed towards a sporting/working dog clientele.

We hope to expand our team as our kennel grows!  

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