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F-Valkyrie God of War 



Campari vom Clan dEr Wölfe IPO3

1st Place 2019 AWMA National Championship, 5th place 2019 FMBB World Championship, 5th place 2018 AWMA Malinois National Championship

Dam: Dakara Ostraryka IPO3

3rd Place 2020 AWMA North Regional Championship, Multi Time National Level Competitor

X'Skye Appleroot (Co-Own)

Bendix Ostraryka IPO3
Multi time national level competitor, 2nd place 2017 AWMA Nationals, 2017 Team USA FMBB World Championships, 2016 1st place CACT South Bohemia Regionals
HD-A1, ED-0

Qarina Van Gatorland IPO3 PDC BT
2017 Southeast IPO 1 Regional Champion
OFA: Excellent/Normal, PennHIP: .25/.28

We are very excited for the opportunity to co-own this female.

Mohawk's Supernova PDC-SD (Breeding Lease)


Outback's Jack IPO3

2011 AWDF "Helpers Favorite" 90 IPO3 dogs
2009 AWDF Nationals IPO3 93-93-96.. 282
2009 Mid Eastern Regional 95-96-96.. 287

Multi National Competitor 


Cadence von Fulk

We are extremely excited for the opportunity to lease this amazing female. 


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