Argos vom Haus Dyer BH BT IGP3

Argos is one of those dogs you fear you may only have the privilege of owning once in your lifetime. He is our idea of what a Malinois should represent and what we try to recreate. 

He is a decently sized dog at 83lbs with the power and intensity to challenge even the skilled decoys and helpers, yet he still remains quick and agile. Argos is a very mature, more serious working dog with extreme confidence and self esteem; however, he does form a wonderful bond with his handler, close friends, and family and will occasionally reveal his softer side with a clown-like spunk.  With strangers, he is very neutral. He has no issues being in close quarters and being touched by strangers, but he shows little to no emotion. He is a very aware dog in a public setting without being anxious. He is incredibly environmentally strong with all sounds, surfaces, and sights. 

In work, he possesses a calm, clear drive which makes him extremely teachable; however, with his independent mindset, one has to learn how to work with him properly with a more  work-together mindset as opposed to the handler-dependent dog working for his handler. He often passes this down to his offspring which doesn't always make the best fit for a first time handler. 

He has a wonderful balance of prey and defense while working with a decoy. He doesn't view it as a game, or a sport, but he is not an overly reactive, defensive dog. Argos has a natural pushing, full, calm grip. He has the ability to be very controllable and attentive to the handler while in protection, but one needs to know how to work him properly, letting him learn more through self discovery  than relying on controlling devices alone.  

In obedience, he has an intense desire to be correct with absolutely no hesitation or laziness. He is always thinking ahead to the next step. He is the perfect balance of intensity and precision. He has wonderful toy drive and will take anything offered, and he has moderate food drive, useful in teaching tracking and more complex behaviors that require a less driven state of mind. 

In tracking, he is very intense and does have a tendency to be quick. 

Argos achieved his BH at the 2018 Southeast Regionals under Judge Frank Phillips and obtained his American Schutzhund BT on November 23, 2019, passing all the temperament/environmental tests with an excellent score. On January 25th, 2020, he trialed for his IGP1 under Judge Jacob Pope and was successful with a score of 95/88/89, then he completed his IPG1 in DVG under Judge Akin Otiko with a score of 80/94/98 with High IPG1 and High Obedience on October 17th, 2020. He obtained his IGP2 on November 21st, 2020 under Judge Lisa Little taking High Protection with a score of 96. Argos also competes in the sports of Dock Diving,  Weight Pull, and is in training for bed bug detection. He is in training for the sport of PSA with plans to complete after his IGP career. 

Argos is AKC and UKC registered and is health tested through PennHip, OFA, and Embark.