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Services Temporarily Unavailable 

Services will resume after July, 2022

Basic Boarding

Rebel, Kimber, and Roco

Basic board is for those traveling or away that need a place for their loved ones to stay. Owners know their dog will be treated like one of our own and be provided daily attention and care. This includes daily feeding, appropriate exercise and stimulation, monitored playtime with other friendly pups, and structured kennel time. Owners are encouraged to check in on their dog whenever they like!

Please be sure to leave your pet with more than enough food for their stay, leashes and collars, food bowls, toys, blankets, beds, chews, any medication, and anything else required for your pet to have a happy, healthy stay!

Pricing is $50 a day for up to a two week stay and $40 a day if the stay will be longer than two weeks. 

Please contact us for more information and availability.

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